My mediation services are designed to help facilitate communication, to work toward resolution of conflict, and to help determine the best solution or course of action for the situation.

I mediated for the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Services program for several years, and have worked in family law assisting attorneys and clients for 20 years. My training and experience in dealing with people in high stress, high stakes situations have prepared me to handle virtually any conflict, whether between couples, parents and children, teachers, students, neighbors, friends, business partners, or in employer-employee situations.

My Training & Credentials

Basic Mediation Training  (Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Services)

Transformative Mediation (Kenneth Cloke)

9-day Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

Narrative Approaches to Collaborative Divorce (Monk/Winslade)

Collaborative Family Law Training (Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association)

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