I’m excited to be making a music video for my original song “Who Made It Be That Way.”  To make sure this video happens, I am funding it myself and seeking contributions from anyone who would like to be part of it. I have raised $500 already. $500 covers 1 hour of the location fees for filming in the church where we are going to make the video, but the film company needs 3 hours to film in the church.  If you’d like to contribute, please see my GoFundMe page.

St Monica's Church in Santa Monica 2

Who Made It Be That Way”  tells the story of a girl growing up in a violent home who sought help from the church, only to be turned away. The song shines a light on the damage that abuse causes, and I hope it can help people heal and choose to no longer live with abuse nor let it continue to limit their life choices.

Skyecam will be doing the filming and editing, and I am working with their creative director, Andre Slaughter.

Skyecam has done some wonderful work on music videos such as for musical artist Wrabel, and has also been featured on the Jimmy Kimmel show and Ellen.  You can see more of their work  here.

I am now remixing and remastering “Who Made It Be That Way” for official release when the video is complete, but you can listen to the song now and read the words here.

Filming on the music video begins July 31, 2017.  To contribute, please see my GoFundMe page.

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